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Codashop ML Pro Review:

The importance of in-game diamonds, coins, or gold is crystal clear to online games. It is the main asset of the players to open available items/resources in a game. So, they try hard to earn it. But the novice gamers face many difficulties due to a lack of professional gaming skills, and thus they cannot make forward movement. For Mobile Legends Bang Bang, you can take Codashop ML Pro, as it donates thousands of free diamonds free of cost. You just need to follow some simple steps, which we have also added below.

Yes, it’s the truth about this gorgeous Android application. Do you understand the meaning of having ML diamonds in a large number at zero expenditure? It means everything will be in your access in the MLBB. So, press the download button, and install Codashop ML Pro APK before it gets too late. Along with this, you can also try other tools like Diamond Generator ML and Kuroyama DM.

Codashop ML Pro, developed by an Indonesian app developer, interface is the Indonesian language. But don’t worry, any of the players can use it without any hurdle. Once you succeed in earning free diamonds, ML skins, weapons, battle effects, drones, and other items will be in your pocket. In that case, you will be capable of defeating the challengers in Mobile Legend Bang Bang. And that’s your main priority as a gamer.

Whenever you need ML diamonds, only insert the player ID and write the number of required diamonds. For prompt players, it has already managed 13 boxes containing no. of diamonds from 19 to 4830. It is meaningful when you want to fill your gaming account in a short time. However, you can give a command as per your need.

Features of Codashop ML Pro:

  • It is a 100% free app for MLBB.
  • The app bypasses the payment step to purchase the diamonds.
  • It is approachable for everyone in the world.
  • No harmful effects, at least it’s safe in all manners.
  • Bunch of free ML diamonds.
  • Easy to apply with very few steps.
  • You can also get a subscription at a reasonable payment.
  • It needs a password to open it.
  • With the help of gaming diamonds, you can unlock all the in-game resources.
  • It’s not a hacking tool, so it’s anti-ban.
  • You don’t need to pass through a registration or login process.
  • Small-sized app with a unique task
  • Working with full performance & efficiency

The developer has added 10 different payment methods, as it’s necessary to select an online payment method while getting free diamonds. It is also an uncomplicated act as you don’t have to go through a verification procedure for payments. Overall, Codashop ML Pro [Hack] is a very friendly & charitable tool that demands nothing from us.

How to download & use Codashop ML Pro?

  1. First, get the app APK file using the fastest link on this page.
  2. Find the downloaded app in the download folder.
  3. Then, do the installation and find the app icon on the main screen of your smartphone.
  4. Apply the following password to open it:
  5. Password: oopet
  6. Now, you have to make this app Premiere by using this code:
  7. Code: 81992
  8. Next, enter the player & server IDs in the given boxes.
  9. Similarly, select a specific number of diamonds.
  10. Then, choose a payment method from the given options; it’s just a formality, don’t worry.
  11. And, click the very last button.
  12. Lastly, press the blue icon, i.e., LANJUT.
  13. After a couple of seconds, click on the Top Up Legit.
  14. So, all steps are over, and now you can play the MLBB.


Diamonds are the first condition to open any premium item in the MLBB. Currently, you can utilize Codashop ML Pro as it is the alone distributor of this wealth. In short, it’s a perfect choice for all Mobile Legends players. With diamonds, you can buy all kinds of things in MLBB like character skins, weapon skins, recall, and many more things.

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January 21, 2021