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Free Fire Mod Menu

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Free Fire Mod Menu Review:

Free Fire Mod Menu is a hacking tool developed by the ArsappGaming Modz community to provide in-game assistance for players that are struggling on the battlefield on Free Fire. The game uses the same battle royale genre like PUBG or COD mobile. Your player lands in a map where there are limited supplies and has to prove their credibility to the last man standing.

The Free Fire Mod Menu is an advanced tool that provides 15+ hack features in 1 package. Traditionally, you have to download a separate hack file to use 1 feature. Now with this mod menu, you can top the battleground by enabling just a few options.

The best part of this mod menu is that it supports non-rooted Android devices. Yes, you don’t have to use any sort of game guardian or any anti-banned script file.

Features of Free Fire Mod Menu:

Aimbot: Automatically aim to a targeted enemy.

White body: If you enable this cheat all player bodies visible in white colour.

No recoil: Most high-collaborative weapons will have zero recoil.

Speed hack: Your player will run faster.

Antenna head: Every player on the map will have an antenna on their head. The colour scheme for your teammates and enemy players will be different.

Night body: Enemies will have dull bodies. This is helpful in a close combat situation.

Medkit fast: Your player will heal faster using Med Kit.

Wallhack: Your player can shoot an enemy directly from the wall.

Anti-Ban: Enjoy all of these features without getting a ban from the server.

All of these features are available in the newer version of the mod menu application along with Ghost hack, fly unlimited, no fall damage, no grass, fast reload, burst damage, aim HD, aim headshot, aim lock v2, semi aimbot and much more. Make sure to visit our website (APKFolder) more often to download the latest files.


  1. Don’t enable multiple cheats at once, because multiple cheats slow your game. Try to use one cheat at a time.
  2. The VPN is virtual has an inbuilt script, so you don’t need to inject any separate script.
  3. Never use your main gaming account if the app is new for you. We have already tested the app but still, we recommend you use a guest first.

How to use Free Fire Mod Menu APK?

To use the mod menu, you first have to install the application on your device. For this just download the file from the provided link, navigate to the download section of your smartphone and tap to install the application.

Along with Free Fire Mod Menu, the downloading source will download a special VPN and Virtual. Install both applications and start the following steps.

  1. Run the VPN app and activate the VPN.
  2. When connected minimize it and open Virtual.
  3. Clone the Free Fire game and Mod Menu.
  4. Through the virtual run Mod Menu app and allow all the permission.
  5. Now allow the application to show a floating icon on the device screen.
  6. Tap on this icon to open a handful of hack features.
  7. Here you can find all the hack tools available with the current version. Hover over to your favourite hack feature and select whatever you want to use in the game. Once done, tap on the minimize button and start the game via the app.
  8. The mod menu application will open the free fire game automatically with all applied cheats.

What’s inside the zip:

  • Virtual Pro AYT Team APK
  • ArsappModz APK


Free Fire Mod Menu APK is the world best hacking app to get an extra edge in Garena Free Fire. And don’t forget to follow the steps carefully we have mentioned above, because we have described every entire process briefly.

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September 19, 2023