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Kuronew Hacks Review:

The beauty & taste of Mobile Legends Bang Bang fascinate millions of us. It has enjoyable gameplay like other MOBAs. However, it is a fact that most players have a preference for modified versions of this game. Currently, they are using the new Kuronew Hacks ML Mod. Auto aimlock, show minimap, unlock all skins, ESP monster & player, and no login key are features of this mod. It means gamers can now observe these luxuries practically. Are you searching for the newest edition of this mod game?

Then, download & install Kuronew Hacks free of cost. It only works on Android devices as of now. Yet, users must know the correct installation process. In reality, it is a bit tricky. Aside from this MLBB mod, Raymodz is another choice of the same level. Both these APKs are connectable with your OBB file. You can read the simple guidelines at the end of this post.

Those who use the free MLBB version can access a limited number of in-game items. In fact, the game owners generate revenue by selling this stuff. It is the only way to make money for them. Therefore, everyone can download & use the Mobile Legends game at no cost. Yet, it is disgusting in the absence of premium features. Some gamers quit, but many try to find the secret key. They utilize all options, including official purchases & unofficial tricks.

Features of Kuronew Hacks:

This mod has a simple & friendly interface. Users can customize several parts of the game. Likewise, it has zero charges for its work. One can experience a high level of performance & enjoyment. Moreover, the developer tries to make it an anti-ban app. Each & every part is of great importance. Avatar skins, drone camera settings, and attack & defense systems; all play separate roles. Anyway, here is the brief list of cheats present in it.

  • FPS Setting.
  • ESP Monster Line.
  • ESP Monster Box.
  • Line & Box Size.
  • ESP Monster Health Bar.
  • Player Room Info.
  • ESP Player Box.
  • ESP Player Line.
  • Player Line & Box Size.
  • Player Distance.
  • ESP Player Name.
  • Player Health Bar.
  • ESP 360 Alert.
  • Show Enemy Rank.
  • Show Hero Name.
  • Enemy Cooldown.
  • Show Enemy Icon Map.
  • Show Enemy Bar Info.
  • Drone View Horizontal.
  • Unlock All Skin.
  • Unlock All Emblem.
  • Aim Lock Basic Attack.
  • Aim Lock Spell.
  • Aim Lock Skills.
  • Much More.

Kuronew Hacks Key:

Generate Key Here

First of all, download the APK from this page. But do not install it yet. Instead, go to the phone storage> android> data> and find the com.mobile.legends. Edit this name by adding “1” to it. Now, delete the original MLBB game & install the Kuronew Hacks APK. Edit the OBB file once again by removing “1” from it. Finally, the mod game is ready to work. However, do not use your ranked gaming account. It is essentially an unofficial version.


All gamers desperately desire to conquer the battlefields of Mobile Legends. But everyone can’t achieve this satisfaction. Therefore, many players don’t care about the disadvantages of the tricks they apply. It is the reason that Kuronew Hacks APK becomes a fruitful thing in this scenario. Improved attacking power and unlimited health for your avatar are the best features of this game. On the other hand, it is not legal to use such mod games. Since cheating is not allowed, you have to behave carefully.

Additional Information

May 19, 2023