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Script Injector Review:

If you are willing to play online games and offline after hacking, then this content is quite profitable for you. The Script Injector is one of the sensational applications in the Android community that empowers the users to hack infinite games including current era popular games which are PUBG, Free Fire, COD, MLBB, and many more.

A few years back, playing battle royale and other games are quite challenging for players. It was very complicated to get the location of enemies in the battle arena. But now you can overcome all these types of obstacles using the Script Injector app. I.e you can locate the correct location of the enemy from long distance and can kill them with headshot easily.

Apart from script injecting, you can also get the infinite gold, gems, coins, and other important gaming items in offline games without providing any script.

Offline games don’t require any script either the game was downloaded from the official Google Play Store or not. With the help of Script Injector, you can directly modify the game and manipulate game values. But for online games modification like PUBG, Free Fire, COD you need an additional script.

Open-source Google is the best platform where you can find all the items you need. To get the working and anti-ban script you can use Google search service which will let you provide lots of scripts. After finding the script you can upload on Script Injector also named GG Modz Pro.

Features of Script Injector:

  • The updated version of Script Injector APK now stands on our APKFolder website with various functional features.
  • It perfectly designed for modification purposes of offline games that hack up to 500 games.
  • Get unlimited gaming items for free like coins, gems, gold, and more.
  • By injecting a script, you can hack current era popular games including PUBG, Free Fire, and COD.
  • The app professionally works with rooted and no root devices.
  • Without making any payment you can download and use this app.
  • The application is fully secure from malware.
  • It will never ask for any registration.
  • Easy to navigate and much more.

How to use Script Injector Pro:

  • Download the Script Injector Pro APK file through the link above and install it on the device.
  • Once open the app and allow all the permissions.
  • You need an additional script and virtual such as parallel space and .Lua script which you can get from the web.
  • Clone the Script Injector in Parallel Space add the specific game for which you downloaded the. Lua script.
  • Open the app and tap on the play button.
  • Browse the internal storage of the device and select the script you downloaded recently.
  • Tap on the execute button and your work is done.
  • By repeating the method, you can add multiple scripts.


So, if you are loving to play Free, PUBG, COD, MLBB, and other famous games with extra advantages this app is the finest solution for your needs. So, do you want to download it? If yes then download button is waiting for you click available above.

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May 18, 2023