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Sharpshooter ESP Cracked Review:

Here we have another fantastic gift for PUBG lovers. It is Sharpshooter ESP Cracked that presents all the paid features of its original version free. The app contains tons of quite useful and most wanted hacks, like Weapons, Antenna, Headshot, attractive Graphics, Enemies’ info, Vehicles, and many others. If you are in search of a free version of Sharpshooter, then you have landed in the right place. We are providing a direct and free download link to download the amazing application.

PUBG Mobile players always demand some updated and hefty apps to make changes in the game, according to their will. Some of the fans of this battle game develop such tools to break the security of the game. Consequently, it becomes convenient to win the game for the novice or inexperienced players. But these tools remain functional for a short time only, as the gaming authorities update the game regularly to inhibit the use of cheating tools. The good news is Sharpshooter ESP tool is the latest one and a hundred percent functional, with some brilliant attributes.

What are the Qualities of the Sharpshooter ESP Cracked? 

If you utilize this robust app while playing the PUBGM, your performance will boost many times. You will easily win the fight, that’s chicken dinner. Previously, you would have been getting the benefits from this app after paying its subscription charges. But, now, you do not need to spend your valuable resources on the ESP tool while having the provided cracked version.

Features of Sharpshooter ESP:

When you install this app on your Android, you will get full control of the PUBG fight. Some of the Sharpshooter ESP features are as follows.

  • You can locate your enemies in the battle with the help of a long Antenna. You’ll see red dots over your opponent.
  • You will enjoy 100% auto headshot with less recoil.
  • It provides you the name, health, and team number of enemies.
  • Extra sensory perception for the skeleton.
  • Locate healing Items that are essential if you get damaged in the fight.
  • Get the locations of vehicles, boats, loot boxes, airdrops, west & helmet, and other items in the game.
  • It provides you protection by alerting from a 360-degree angle.
  • It brings a grassy environment in the battle that makes it appealing and engaging for the players.
  • The security system of the game cannot detect this tool as it has a powerful anti-ban system. Your accounts and device will be safe.
  • It is a free, latest, secure and beneficial app for the newbies as well as for pro players.
  • Moreover, it supports no root Android OS.


If you vanish your enemies too quickly by using this tool, your opponents might alert that you are using some hacking tool. To avoid any of the difficulties, make less use of such tools.


ESP improves much of your sensing capabilities. Sharpshooter ESP Cracked APK is a quirky app with some characteristics traits. If you crave to be a master of the most played battle game, then you must assess this mighty app. Tap on the link to get the app on your device, and install it quickly. Moreover, try ESP No Root to get more hacks and cheats for PUBGM.

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May 17, 2023