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SMS Bomber Review:

It has been always the desire of several people to have joy and fun with their friends. And most Android users have enemies whom they want to defeat. From which category do you belong? Either make fun with friends or disgrace your enemy or both. So, don’t waste your moments by having silly things to get frolic of your friend or narrow your enemy. Let’s handle the situation officially because today we have an interesting app that you are going to read and this app is known as SMS Bomber. The app is the quite beneficial and best alternative of Turbo Bomber.

SMS Bomber is an android application which you can utilize to annoy a person on the platform of phones. It releases unlimited messages to the phone number that can be the cause of disturbing someone. This method is also applicable if you cannot face a person on an account of his or her power. Its use is very safe and secure that can never cause any problem or hindrance in the functionality of the mobile’s operating system.

If you have thousands of messages that are subscribed in the monthly and weekly package and don’t have the most usage so must download SMS Bomber app. It sends a number of messages after every three (3) seconds. Now, this app can be commonly seen in android phones because of its popularity and cause of its illustrious is its unique idea of having joy with loved ones which include brothers, sisters, friends, relatives and teasing your foe.

Note: Please don’t misuse the SMS Bomber more.

Features of SMS Bomber:

  • It renders the facility of super-fast delivery of messages within the quantity of hundred (100) messages at a time.
  • The app will use to vote someone that can be proved beneficial for others.
  • You get all this joy without paying a single penny because this amazing tiny app is developing for joy purpose and a little bit of annoyance.
  • Application is useful to trouble the peoples without actually causing any harm to them.
  • This app doesn’t disturb you by displaying popups and advertisements.
  • Its interface is user-friendly that you can understand easily without reading tutorials or watching videos of its uses on YouTube.
  • It can easily work on a slow connection of the internet even 2G is supportable.
  • Don’t think that your data will be stolen by its use. Nope, it’s a safe and well-protection app in which there are no chances of data leaking of the sender and receiver.
  • For call bomber, you don’t need to install another app because call bomber has already set as a function in the latest version of SMS Bomber app.
  • The function Email bombing is also you can found and for that, you don’t need to install another app.
  • The app doesn’t require root access. Which means that the application is compatible with all normal operating system.
  • For fun, you have a clue to send blank messages which contain large space.
  • And more features.


Download SMS Bomber APK file latest version free from the given link and start tensing people by sending SMS every time.

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May 16, 2023