Training Slayer

Training Slayer

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Training Slayer Review:

A new revolution in the game industry with a fresh adventure is Training Slayer APK. It’s an intriguing adult-themed Android game with intriguing characters. Similar to the other anime series Demon Slayer, the main character of this game is a female slayer. In the gaming industry, the Demon Slayer anime series is more well-liked. The primary goal of Training Slayer is to develop the player into the most effective female slayer available. It now enjoys greater popularity among Android games of a similar genre.

The availability of more resources without any limitations is the cause of its popularity. It’s interesting that the female slayer character summons an appearance from a well-liked video game. If you’re prepared to master the game and become a professional slayer, you may download Training Slayer for free from our website. This game has numerous obstacles and varying degrees of difficulty forcing players to demonstrate their abilities. So, download the free latest edition and experience plenty of mod features.

Features of Training Slayer:

The most latest version, Training Slayer, is available for free and includes all previous and expanded unlocked features. The player must overcome the adversary in order to advance to a higher level. As you progress through levels, the monster gets stronger and gradually moves closer to you. To find out who was quicker and faster than you, you can play the game both alone and with your friends.

  • Move to the higher levels to identify the thing in the picture.
  • Earn coins by sharing them with others through social media.
  • Unlimited coins to unlock the higher level.
  • Multiple languages.
  • 50+ levels to play offline.
  • Upgraded regularly.
  • Free stream.
  • Free to download.
  • Easy-to-use UI.
  • No third-party ads.
  • Unstoppable connection.
  • Impressive performance with high quality.

The Training Slayer Android game was created by Bokundev and is quite modest in size. Both downloading and installing are simple. Click the icon provided in the post to download the game. Once the download is complete, navigate to it in the download manager to begin the installation. You must first grant permission through your phone’s settings for the installation process. The app is ready for use cafter being granted permission.



  • Added Uzui Wifes meeting event.
  • Added New Character, Suma.
  • Added New Character, Makio.
  • Added New Character, Hinatsuru.
  • Added started Suma route.
  • Added started Makio route.
  • Added started Hinatsuru route.
  • Added 2 new Quests.


  • Added 4 new scenes to Suma route.
  • Added 4 new scenes to Makio route.
  • Added 4 new scenes to Hinatsuru route.
  • Added a new outfit Suma.
  • Added a new outfit to Makio.
  • Added a new outfit to Hinatsuru.
  • Added the 3 Wifes to the UI.


  • Added naked scene to Suma route.
  • Added naked scene to Makio route.
  • Added naked scene to Hinatsuru route.
  • Added Blowjob scene to Suma route.
  • Added Titjob scene to Makio route.
  • Added Handjob scene to Hinatsuru route.


Training Slayer
Training Slayer


What Is Training Slayer?

It is an Android game with a variety of game modes. You may play it offline and download it for free. While playing, it provides excellent performance with little to no lag and crystal-clear audio.

Is it safe to download this APK?

You must download the app from our website because it is a third-party one. It is virtually impervious to all forms of malware that damage your device.

Can I download it on a PC?

Yes, it works with Android and Windows computers as well. To have unlimited enjoyment, download the most recent version of this file. But we provide only the Android version.


The first thing players notice about a brand-new adventure game is how clear the graphics are and how well the game runs. All of these items can be found for free in a single Training Slayer package. A player can play this game in a variety of settings, including 1v1 and 2P. In the 2P mode, players face off against one another in a battle to win. Playing the game against your allies gives you a lot of freedom to have an amazing experience. Get the most recent edition of this difficult story to see if it’s right for you.

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November 16, 2023